Because it matters

We help you go carbon neutral

It's hard to live a carbon-neutral life. We help your team do just that, and learn how to reduce its carbon footprint even further. 


With a simple Gmail plugin, we understand your team's carbon consumption, offset it & give you key insights into how to reduce it. 

Why should you use Fresh? 


It's hard to really change the way you live your life.


In the last couple years, people have become more aware of the impact of their travelling, diet & shopping, but unfortunately change isn't happening fast enough. 

We decided to start Fresh so that you could effortlessly offset the carbon your team's lifestyle produces whilst getting insights into how to reduce it further. 


 ​Offsets won't solve climate change entirely, but they're a great step forward, and we're convinced Fresh is the best way to become truly aware of the impact your lifestyle is having on the planet. 

Some Climate Change Numbers

19 of the 20

hottest years in recorded history were after 2001

650,000 years

ago was the last time the atmosphere had this much CO2


increase in the ocean's acidity levels since the Industrial Revolution

Fresh is the easiest way to offset


Connect with your Email

Your email is the best place to get an understanding of your carbon footprint, since it serves as a sort of diary. 

We Measure What Matters

We show each of your employees what the carbon footprint of their lifestyle (flights, car rides, Amazon orders etc.) was every month and how it compares to past months. 

Fresh offsets for you

By planting trees or buying permits, Fresh offsets your entire footprint, or even twice or three times that if you want to go carbon negative!

About Fresh

We started Fresh because we found it difficult to seamlessly understand how our lifestyle compared to others' and what was needed to offset it. Now we help you and your team do just that. 

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